Tough Times For the Energy Sector in Alberta

It is no secret that this is not the best of times in Alberta. The low prices of oil and government policy has results in some 73 000 Albertans losing their jobs. The Millwright Industry of Alberta has been hard hit just like the rest of Alberta. While many millwright companies, like Pic Industrial, have been able to stay busy the burden of this down time is certainly felt. While the government of Alberta, the NDP, is certainly not solely to blame it would be ideal if they took more action to alleviate some of the job losses. The Millwright industry of Alberta relies heavily on the production and export of natural resources; this should be no secret. The NDP’s stance on increasing taxes, cleaning up the environment, and establishing a royalty review have certainly been a large part of the problem.

In a recent open letter to Ms. Notley, the leader of the NDP, Kevin O’Leary, a prominent Canadian businessman, has suggested that the NDP temporarily reduce the tax increase and establish policies that would get more investment dollars flowing to Alberta. It is a very interesting read and it would be in Alberta’s best interest to focus on some solutions to the current job losses that are plaguing this province. Read the open letter here: