What makes an Albertan Millwright?


A millwright is the rough term used to describe a trade that historically revolves around modern mills; such as flour mills, saw mills and paper mills. The trait became specialized as the machinery used in such mills became specialized. The trade has been changing as the equipment and technology quickly changes. Thus while a trade with roots as far back as the industrial revolution and the period where mills started to expand across the world it is also a very modern skill. While blacksmiths have largely become extinct millwrights go back nearly as far and are still around today.

The Alberta millwright is a special breed. Trained to operate in the unique northern environment we inhabit. The Albertan millwright is more knowledge in things like oil that makes much of the Albertan Economy tick. With that the Albertan millwright also has the tools of the trade and can work with all types of heavy-duty equipment common in industrial operations.